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Welcome to the Arts, Media, and Design Pathway Page

Arts, Media, and Design Programs

Area of Study Transfer Degree Degree Certificate Skill Certificate Additional Requirements
Advanced ESL Milestone - Pathway to Broadcasting C
Advanced ESL Milestone - Pathway to Cinema/Media Arts C
Advanced ESL Milestone - Pathway to Music C
Art History AA-T AA
Art: Graphic Design AA
Art: Studio AA
Broadcasting AA
Broadcasting: Performance AA C
Broadcasting: Radio AA C
Broadcasting: Television AA C
Business of Entertainment C
Cinema Arts Production AA C
Cinema Arts Theory AA C
Commercial Music AA
Commercial Music: Instrumental/Vocal Performer C
Commercial Music: Jazz Studies C
Commercial Music: Music Arranging C
Commercial Music: Music Notation C
Computer Graphics/Design C
DaVinci Resolve Techniques C
English AA-T
Film, Television, and Electronic Media AS-T
Gig Economy Careers in Entertainment C
Graphic Design C
Humanities AA
Journalism AA-T
Journalism: Magazine AA C
Journalism: Newspaper AA C
Media Arts - Directing AA C
Media Arts - Post-Production AA C
Media Arts - Producing AA C
Media Arts - Screenwriting AA C
Media Arts: Core Studies C
Media Arts: Visual Effects AA C
Music AA-T AA
Music Technology C
On-Set Camera and DIT Skills C
Photography AA C
Studio Arts AA-T
Theater Arts AA
Theater Arts: Acting AA
Theater Arts: Directing AA
Theater Arts: Technical AA
Theater Production C
Theatre Arts AA-T