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Los Angeles Valley College Art Department programs encourage students to engage in the wide possibilities of visual communication while engaging them in imagining and building their ideas in art forms. Art History and Studio classes encourage the development of cultural awareness, creative thinking and human expression. Students learn skills and problem solving that apply to their pursuit of creating, thinking, obtaining jobs, transfer to universities, as well as to many other disciplines. Students in the Art Department reflect the campus demographics, but while Art History students tend to be more transfer-oriented, Studio Art students have more diverse goals; some go directly into industry, while others transfer to four-year institutions. 

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Graphic Design Degrees and Certificates

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The Art: Graphic Design degree is structured to prepare students for positions in the industry. Specially structured courses in applied design and computer skills development, will ultimately lead to job candidacy for positions as Art Director, Graphic Designer, Pre-Press Production, Illustrator and Digital Designer. Portfolios are a requirement for both art school and university acceptance, and many of the graphic design discipline’s courses provide projects perfect for inclusion in those portfolios. Most courses transfer to a UC or CSU which may satisfy lower division transfer requirements.  Contact counselor for more information.

Graphic Design AA

The Certificate of Achievement in Graphic Design is structured to prepare students for positions in the industry. Specially structured courses in applied design and computer skills development will ultimately lead to positions such as: Art director; Illustrator; and Production Artist.  Contact counselor for more information.

Graphic Design Certificate


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Amelia Borja


Jamison Carter @email
Thomas Mossman @email
Jenene Nagy @email
Kathryn Queen
Eugenia Sumnik-Levins @email

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Merwin Belin @email
David Bishop @email
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Gerald Vicich


Faculty Profiles

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Professor Amelia Borja
  • she/her/they
  • MFA Maryland Institute College of Art
  • Teaches 2D Design, Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Intro to Painting, Drawing 1, Life Drawing
  • Areas of interest – Multidisciplinary Practice, Art History, Gestalt Form, Trauma and the Body, Internal Family Systems.
  • Fun Fact - I love Bluegrass music.


Professor Jamison Carter
  • he/him/his
  • MFA Sculpture Cranbrook Academy of Art
  • Teaches all levels of Sculpture, 3D Design, Printmaking, Drawing 1, Directed Study
  • The Politics of Abstraction, Symbology, Technology and Materials, Astronomy, the Paranormal.
  • Fun Fact- I am a cancer survivor and a cat person.


Professor Tom Mossman
  • BFA/Kent State University - MFA California State University Los Angeles
  • Teaches 2D Design, Drawing 1, Introduction to Digital Art, Typography, Graphic Design, Advertising Photo/Graphics, Illustration, Art Production Methods 1
  • Applied Arts and Design
  • Fun Fact- I'm not a Bot, and seriously shun AI


Professor Jennie Nagy
  • she/her
  • MFA, University of Oregon, Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit Management, University of Oregon
  • Teaches Painting, Drawing, 2D Design
  • Associate Professor of Art and Gallery Director, Rainbow Pride Advisory Committee Member, Umoja Black Scholars Advisory Committee Member

  • I am a former foster and first generation college grad. I live with a Standard Poodle named Dr. Mark Barker and I can deadlift 185 pounds.


Professor Eugenia Sumnik-Levins
  • she/her
  • MA Art History, UCLA
  • I teach Art 101  [History of Western Art I: Prehistoric to Middle Ages, Selected Topics], Art 102 [History of Western Art II: Renaissance to Modern, Selected Topics], Art 105 [History of Asian Art], Art 109 [African, Oceanic and Native American Art], Art 115 [History of Modern Art], Art 116 [History of Women and Art], and sometimes Art 103 [Art Appreciation]
  • I also go by the name of Genia (pronounced like Kenya, Africa, but with a “G”)

    I live in a Craftsman-style bungalow house that is 100 years old

    I have way too many books, and I love reading, especially historical fiction!

    I have been a cat rescuer for years and currently have seven cats

    I love walking, running and being outdoors!


Professor Katie Queen
  • she/her
  • MFA University of Colorado Boulder
  • Teaches Color Theory, Beginning Two-Dimensional Design, Introduction To Ceramics, Ceramics I, Ceramics II, Ceramics III, Directed Study
  • Interested in the advancement of ceramic art and technology, ceramic history, design and color theory.

  • Fun fact- Avid hiker and lover of the great outdoors