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Art History

 Los Angeles Valley College Art Department programs encourage students to engage in the wide possibilities of visual communication while engaging them in imagining and building their ideas in art forms. Art History and Studio classes encourage the development of cultural awareness, creative thinking and human expression. Students learn skills and problem solving that apply to their pursuit of creating, thinking, obtaining jobs, transfer to universities, and many other disciplines. Students in the Art Department reflect the campus demographics, but while Art History students tend to be more transfer-oriented, Studio Art students have more diverse goals; some go directly into industry, while others transfer to four-year institutions. 

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Art History Degrees

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Art History is the study of the history of how and why human beings make art. Students who study Art History examine the sociological, cultural, and aesthetic contexts of art, and explore basic art historical concepts and terminology appropriate to each Art History course. Art historical methodology is discussed, so that students understand the nature of the discipline, what sources scholars use to construct their theories, how the discipline has changed over time, and reception theory.  This AA-T is designed for students transferring to a CSU to pursue a four-year degree.

Art History AA-T

Art history is the academic study of the history of painting, sculpture, architecture, and other visual arts in their cultural and stylistic context. This AA is designed for students either interested in transferring to a UC or transitioning into entry level careers in art history and related industries.  More specialized academic and museum work typically require a graduate degree (MA or PhD).  For students who want to transfer to UC Berkeley or UC Merced specifically, completion of Art 201 is strongly recommended. For students who want to teach at the elementary education level, Art 103 is strongly recommended. Students should consult with a faculty advisor and/or counselor in selecting electives to best meet their transfer or career goals.

Art History AA


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Professor Eugenia Sumnik-Levins
  • she/her
  • MA Art History, UCLA
  • I teach Art 101  [History of Western Art I: Prehistoric to Middle Ages, Selected Topics], Art 102 [History of Western Art II: Renaissance to Modern, Selected Topics], Art 105 [History of Asian Art], Art 109 [African, Oceanic and Native American Art], Art 115 [History of Modern Art], Art 116 [History of Women and Art], and sometimes Art 103 [Art Appreciation]
  • I also go by the name of Genia (pronounced like Kenya, Africa, but with a “G”)

    I live in a Craftsman-style bungalow house that is 100 years old

    I have way too many books, and I love reading, especially historical fiction!

    I have been a cat rescuer for years and currently have seven cats

    I love walking, running and being outdoors!