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The LAVC Music Department provides a dynamic environment for the exploration of the complete musician / entrepreneur – performer, composer, educator, promoter, producer. Offerings include courses in performance, history, theory, ensemble, commercial music, recording arts, and general education. Students may earn a two-year Music A.A. degree, a two-year Commercial Music A.A., a two-year Music AAT (music transfer degree), and five Commercial Music Certificates. Our dedicated faculty and staff specialize in hands-on attention and bring a wealth of real-world experience into the classroom. The Instructional Assistant for the Music Department is James Grude (; 818-947-2346)

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Music Degrees

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Through focused study and private instruction, students working on the Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer Degree (Music AA-T) will develop their performance skills, as well as compose and critically analyze music, with particular regard given to the stylistic nuances of tonal theory through 20th-century trends. Acquisition of computer notational skills assists students in generating scores and parts for required compositions. Students develop essential ear-training skills through the dictation of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic passages. A repertoire of exercises for improving technique will prepare students for leadership roles in chamber and larger ensembles. The button below links to the Music AA-T program map, which outlines a sequence of course requirements:

Music AAT Degree 


The Associate of Arts Degree in Music (Music AA) can serve as the basis for further undergraduate education in music. Music 200 is not part of the degree but is a prerequisite for courses in the degree. Students are strongly encouraged to complete Music 200 early in their academic program. The button below links to the Music AA program map, which outlines a sequence of course requirements:

Music AA Degree

Applied Music Program

To obtain the Music AA or AA-T degree, you must complete the Applied Music Program. Applied Music students receive private lessons to prepare them for auditions and performances. Admission into the program requires a completed application and a live audition. Students accepted into the program must be a full-time music major for two years, enroll in required music courses, and fulfill all the expectations of an LAVC Applied Music student.

For information about the application/auditions, please contact Music Department Instructional Assistant, James Grude (


Full-time Faculty

Name Contact Information

Dr. Michael Arshagouni
Glenn Carlos
Dr. Yih-mei Hu
Richard Kahn
Chauncey Maddren
Dr. Christian Nova

Adjunct Faculty

Name Contact Information

Dr. Severin Behnen

Fred Carama
Dr. Jordan Charnofsky

Christian Coulter
Randy Drake
Dr. Frank Garvey
Irene Gutierrez
Dr. Patricia Hannifan
Erinn Horton

Dr. Cesar Mateus
Dillon MacIntyre
Lori Musicant
Dr. Cassandra Nickols (Gonzalez)
Dr. Mishkar Nuñez-Fredell
Claire Rydell
Darrin Stafford
Diana Tash
Andres Trujillo
Cameron Wilkins
Dr. Susannah Zaidel


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