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Making art is a fundamentally human activity. When we develop an understanding of art, we develop an understanding of ourselves.

Los Angeles Valley College Art Department programs encourage students to engage in the wide possibilities of visual communication while engaging them in imagining and building their ideas in art forms. Art History and Studio classes encourage the development of cultural awareness, creative thinking and human expression. Students learn skills and problem solving that apply to their pursuit of creating, thinking, obtaining jobs, transfer to universities, as well as to many other disciplines. Students in the Art Department reflect the campus demographics, but while Art History students tend to be more transfer-oriented, Studio Art students have more diverse goals; some go directly into industry, while others transfer to four-year institutions.

An art education at Los Angeles Valley College provides pathways into graphic design, illustration, two-dimensional design, painting, three-dimensional design, sculpture, ceramics, art gallery exhibition, and art history. It develops skills that can be applied in various creative areas, such as graphic design, illustration, motion picture, television, theater, fashion, art therapy, fabrication, stage set design and fine art production.

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Department Contacts

Eugenia Sumnik-Levins

Department Chair
Phone: (818) 947-2780
Office: ART 108

Dr. Carmen Dominguez

Academic Dean (Arts Media and Design)