Counseling Courses

Counseling 1: Introduction to College (1) CSU

Prerequisite: None
This course is offered on a Pass/No Pass basis only

Lecture, 1 hour.

Provides students with important information about the college and its resources, introduces them to the requisite skills for college success, helps them set educational and career goals, and assists them in developing a student educational plan (SEP) to meet those goals

Counseling 4: Career Planning (1) CSU (to be offered soon)

Prerequisite: None
This course is offered on a Pass/No Pass basis only

Discussion, 1 hour.

This is an educational and career planning course designed to help the undecided student make a meaningful decision regarding a career goal. The course includes career assessment, various self-appraisal techniques, and information on career characteristic trends. This class includes exploration of career options utilizing career information technology. By providing the students with insight into their interests, abilities, work values, and personality, they will be able to make realistic and informed career choices.

Counseling 20: Post-Secondary Education: Scope of Career Planning (3) UC:CSU

Prerequisite: None.

Lecture, 3 hours.

This course introduces students to the role of higher education in society and to their role as students. Students explore personal attributes needed for college success, criti­cal thinking and effective study strategies, relating to others in a diverse world, the career planning and decision making pro­cess, and transfer and educational planning. This course will also provide students with an overview of campus resources and policies.


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