Student Educational Plan (SEP) Request

All New, Continuing and Returning students who need a Student Educational Plan (SEP) may request one by clicking the Student Educational Plan Request Form


Your Student Educational Plan:

To access your SEP, go to your Student Portal, click on “Manage Classes” tile, scroll down and click on “Student Educational Plan” then click on Current Counselor SEP on File.

Your Student Educational Plan may include courses required for your major (some of these courses may require additional prerequisites), general education and elective courses.

  • Prerequisites are courses or skills you need to satisfy before enrolling in a particular course. For example, completion of English 101 with a C or higher grade is a prerequisite for English 102.
  • Major requirements are a series of courses in a specific field of study or subject area.
    • Major course requirements for Associates Degrees can be found in the Program Mapper or in the LAVC Catalog.
    • Major preparation for students planning to transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) can be found on
    • Courses required to transfer to a private and/or out-of-State university may vary for each college/university. Consult with a counselor and/or the intended transfer institution.
  • General Education is a pattern of courses from various disciplines which are required for graduation from a college or university.
  • Elective courses are used to meet unit requirements for a degree or transfer and can be selected from any subject area based on the student's interest. Elective courses used for transferrable unit requirements must be designated as (CSU) or (UC:CSU) transferrable.

If you still need assistance understanding your Student Educational Plan, contact the Counseling Online Help Desk.


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