Tips for Writing Essays

The Writing Center offers handouts on essay writing. You can access those handouts online or get the hard copy from the Writing Center.

Tips for writing essays from other universities:

  1. University of Richmond's Writer's Web is a comprehensive online guide that facilitates all stages of the writing process: Writer's Webs

  2. For an overview of expository, descriptive, narrative, and argumentative essay writing, visit the following website: Essay Writing From the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University

  3. The University of Chicago's Writing Program website explains the differences between high school and college writing, provides a concise overview of the writing process, offers strategies for writing introductions and conclusions, and describes techniques for overcoming writer's block. Visit the following link: University of Chicago Writing Program

  4. Writing essays for different disciplines can be challenging. Visit Harvard University's Writing Center site for guides that will assist you with writing History, English, Philosophy, and Psychology papers: Harvard University Writing Center

  5. The Education Portal website provides free videos that cover different aspects of writing essays: Education Portal

  6. website provides resources on how to become a better online writer: