Supplies & Services:

  • The ARC Writing/English Tutoring is not responsible for items that are lost or left unattended. Writing Center staff or tutors will NOT watch your items for you.
  • Students will respect the materials and environment of the Writing/English Tutoring. Students will pick up their trash and treat Writing/English Tutoring property with care.
  • The Writing/English Tutoring offers textbooks for loan to students and staff. However, all items must remain in the Writing/English Tutoring.

Behavior in the Writing/English Tutoring:

  • Students may not disrespect tutors, student assistants, other students, or staff. The following items will not be tolerated at any time:
    • name-calling or gossiping
    • offensive or inappropriate comments, gestures, or attire
    • threatening speech or behavior
    • academic dishonesty, cheating, or plagiarism
    • sexual harassment
  • Excessive noise or disruptive behavior is not acceptable in the Writing Center. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • audible videos or music from personal devices
    • any action that could cause physical or emotional harm to one's self or others
    • being under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol
  • Cell phone conversations are NOT allowed in the Writing Center. You may take your call outside the center.
  • Children are NOT allowed in the Writing Center.
  • Food and beverages are NOT allowed in the Writing Center except for bottled water.
  • Students will listen to and follow direction from any Writing Center tutor, or staff member.
  • Any Student, Tutor, or Staff not following the policies may be asked to leave the Writing Center by any Writing Center Tutor or Staff member.

Tutoring Sessions:

Walk-In Rules

  • If you sign-in for a walk-in session, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen due to wait times, lack of availability, or other unforeseen circumstances. Walk-ins are subject to limited availability. Please ask the front desk if a walk-in tutor is available each day. If there is no walk-in tutor available, you may be asked to come at a later time or on a different day.
  • Walk-ins can receive no more than 30 minutes of tutoring per day.
  • If you are waiting for a walk-in session, you may not leave the center for more than 10 minutes. If you leave, your name will be removed from the walk-in list. Also, if you decide to leave, you can take your name off the walk-in list and re-sign in at a later time that day. Your wait time may change if you come back at a later time.
  • You may stay in the lab after your walk-in session as long as the lab is open; however, you WILL NOT receive a second walk-in session.
  • Students may not request a specific tutor or wait for a specific tutor to become available. Students are helped on a first-come, first served basis. If a tutor has worked with a student two times in a row, we will have a different tutor work with that student.
  • Students will receive a conference form receipt as proof of tutoring.
  • Please Note: Violations of the policies stated on this sheet could be subject to the violation of the L.A.V.C. Student Code of Conduct (9803.15). Please refer to the LAVC Catalog for further details and description of the code.