CRLA Certification

Welcome to the CRLA Certification Program

CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) is a national association that certifies tutoring programs across the country. Its purpose is to provide tutoring centers with the structure for certifying tutors across a multitude of levels.

This standard will allow us to provide the best tutoring experience for both you and the students you help on a daily basis. Once you finish any of the three levels, you will obtain a CRLA certification, which you can place on your resume or C.V. throughout your career. Becoming CRLA certified at Level One and Level Two will also be an eligibility requirement for tutoring at any of the Academic Resource Center tutoring labs.

We require that you complete a total of twenty hours of training: Level One (ten hours) and Level Two (ten hours). If you would like to complete the optional Level Three training, you will need to complete an additional ten hours of training.

You will be required to attend workshops and complete reading and writing assignments on your own. Level One requires you to attend eight workshops, and Level Two requires you to attend three workshops. The lengths of the workshops vary in time (1-1.5 hours). You will be given a schedule of workshops, and you do not need to RSVP for these workshops in advance.

During level III training, you will master your leadership skills and ability to facilitate large group sessions, such as workshops and tutor training sessions. You will also be able to act as a mentor for first-time tutors. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to participate in STEP, an embedded tutoring program in which you are assigned to work with students from a specific course. Finally, you will be eligible to participate and present in nationally recognized tutoring conferences. After completion of level III, you will be certified as a Master Tutor, which is an impressive addition to your resume and to your university applications.

We will be using CANVAS, the College’s online platform for our CRLA training, where you will be able to find the workshop schedule, RSVP for workshops, obtain assigned readings, and submit writing assignments. The ARC supervisors will also keep track of your assignments and completed hours. If you have questions at any time about your progress, please contact your immediate supervisor.

After finishing Level One and Level Two training, you will receive a certificate of completion, and you will be eligible to complete Level Three training, which opens up other opportunities, such as becoming a Tutor Mentor or STEP Leader.