Frequently Asked Questions

Writing/English Tutoring

Free one-on-one tutoring, handouts & writing courses, Mac Computer lab, printing service, reference library, and free workshops.

Students should bring their student I.D. card and everything related to the assignment, including the syllabus, the assignment and any related notes and drafts, relevant texts, as well as any drafts the professor has commented on.

All visits to the Writing/English Tutoring are confidential. However, students can show a yellow Conference Receipt to the professor as a proof that they have been to the Writing Center.

The service is FREE.

Writing/English Tutoring only offers appointments for online tutoring. Please visit our appointment page.

A typical session lasts for 30 minutes. A student can set the focus of the session, such as working on sentence structure. The student and the consultant can also discuss the assignment and work together to improve and develop their writing skills. Since our goal is to help students grow as writers rather than just to improve a specific paper, the consultant does not edit or proofread the paper but does show the student how to edit and proofread the assignment. We are here to make better writers.

Consultants are trained to work on all types of writing. This means you can bring any writing assignment to get help on, as long as your writing is related to a class or academia. We DO NOT help students with creative writings, resumes, or cover letters unless these assignments are tied to a specific course.

All the consultants at the Writing/English Tutoring are current students, undergraduate and graduate students. They have all demonstrated academic success as both writers and students.

The student and the consultant can look at the paper on one of the computers at the Writing/English Tutoring; students may also bring their personal laptops to view their documents.

No, the Writing/English Tutoring is an educational service. Our consultants DON'T “fix” papers because a tutorial session is designed to provide additional skills or insights about the writing process. Thus, a tutorial session is designed to provide students with additional skills or insights about the writing process. However, our consultants do teach various strategies to edit and proofread papers.

The consultants work with any type of writing for any class as long as the student is enrolled in the class at LAVC for the current semester. Additionally, we will help with personal statements for scholarship and university applications.

The Writing/English Tutoring is for all writers who are currently enrolled in LAVC. No matter what the skill level you have, people can always become better writers, and the Writing/English Tutoring is the place to start.

The Writing/English Tutoring serves writers of all stages. Many of our tutorial sessions involve students who want to improve their papers or who are looking for someone to discuss various writing strategies. We can also help students with time management and study skills.

Our consultants are trained to work with students who are using English as a second language, or who are English Language Learners.