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The CalWORKs program at LAVC is an education and training program established for students who are receiving Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits.

Students collaborate with their GAIN Service Worker to develop career goals that lead to meaningful employment. The student is then referred to the CalWORKs program at the college to establish a Student Educational Plan (SEP) that coincides with their career goal. To meet this goal, the CalWORKs program at the college assist students with supportive services such as: career counseling, childcare, tutoring, work-study, internships, job placement, workshops, mentoring, and other resources. The CalWORKs program acts as a liaison between the student and their GAIN Service Worker. The objective is to ensure that the student has the necessary tools in order to succeed and achieve their career goal.

Claire, Accounting Major

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My counselor Kristine helped me a lot. She guided me in the right direction for my major. Without her help I would be taking unnessary classes. I have a plan and I'm almost done with classes towards my Associate's Degree

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