New CalWORKs Students

Welcome to LAVC CalWORKs Program. We are here to assist you in reaching your vocational goals.

Our offices are open to in-person service, we will also be able to assist you in enrolling at LAVC virtually online. If you have been referred by your GAIN Service Worker, please complete the following steps:

  • Attend LAVC New Student Orientation online by CLICKING HERE.
  • Financial Aid. Complete a "California College Promise Grant" (formerly known as the Board of Governors (BOG) fee waiver) or complete a FAFSA application online or get assistance in the Financial Aid office, Click HERE to go to their website.
  • Complete "CalWORKs Intake Forms" and save it to your computer.
  • Email the CalWORKs Intake Forms along with your referral form (GN6006, GN6005A, GN6390) to
Checklist Illustration

Once our office receives your Intake and referral forms we will contact you to attend CalWORKs New Student Orientation online. Please prepare the following items to be collected:

  • A valid form of identification
  • "Verification of Benefits letter" indicating your cash aid amount and number of people on your case dated within four weeks of the start of courses (Request this document from your DPSS Eligibility Worker) or you can access it on the Your Benefits Now website. Watch this short video on how to access this form and save to your computer.
  • Form GN6014, Vocational Assessment results, if applicable
  • Complete Textbook / Materials Worksheet to request advance or reimbursement of required items for your courses.

During CalWORKs Orientation, we will discuss many important topics related to your success at LAVC.

After you completed CalWORKs Orientation, we set up an appointment with a CalWORKs Counselor to discuss your courses and develop your Student Educational Plan.

Following the guidelines of AB 705, LA Valley College has implemented a NEW process for placement into English & Math courses. English as a Native Language (ENL) & Math assessments are no longer offered as of February 5, 2019. The process uses multiple measures including high school coursework, grades, and grade point average to determine placement into college-level English & Math.

  • New and returning students may refer to their U.S. high school transcripts when answering the multiple measures questions as part of the initial college application.
  • Continuing students will be prompted to complete the multiple measures questions in the student portal for updated English and Math placements.

In order for CalWORKs students to receive Priority Registration, you must do the following:

  1. Attend college and program orientation
  2. Meet with a college Counselor to develop Student Educational Plan
  3. Attend follow-up appointments
  4. Provide eligibility documentation for CalWORKs

Students must also attend various workshops offered by the CalWORKs program and other approved programs on campus throughout the semester.


You have taken the first steps in accomplishing your educational and vocational goals.
Our office is here to assist you in reaching those goals.
Should you have any questions, please contact us!!



Ellie Rabani, Director
Alicen Vera, Coordinator
Nino Shtromberg, Coordinator
Edit Kocsis, Counselor
Asya Davtyan, Counselor



Phone: (818) 947-2976