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Success in Biology


Pretty much all careers are based on acquiring work-force skills. What are these specific skills and how does a person know if he or she is skillful?

Biology provides ample opportunity to develop workforce skills both in, and out, of the classroom. Skills are problem-solving behaviors based on practice used appropriately and responsibly. In the work force, verbal and interpersonal, written and research, leadership and critical thinking skills are highly valued. In Biology, we would add the skills regarding using your hands effectively as well.

Almost every course in Biology has a lab component. This is where skills are learned, practiced and perfected. Students often work in small groups giving you the opportunity to grow in your leadership, teamwork and interpersonal capacities. The results of labs are written up, sometimes with extra research, and require the development of critical thinking. Many times, verbal presentations of your findings are required; most people find verbal presentations daunting, but by trying, you will learn your strengths and weaknesses and develop plans to improve. Professors are instrumental in guiding you at every step to become more adept in all these areas. At the end of each Biology class, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have become more proficient in a skill set.