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Pathways and Career Explorations in STEM

The PaCES Program is three year grant that is specially funded by the National Science Foundation Award #: 2121999.

PaCES Students


PaCES Students


About PaCES

PaCES is a 2-track program: (1) for new entering or early college students and (2) for students preparing to transfer. The goal of the PaCES Program is to increase the retention and success of students interested in STEM and to provide support and resources that include professional and career explorations and links to transfer, summer research programs, and paid internships. 

Track 2 - Students Applying for Transfer

A 1-year program where students will enroll in a 2-unit Research Methods Class meetings on Fridays and/or Saturdays during Fall and Career Explorations Class in the Spring semesters. This track is for students applying for transfer admission during Fall and who are sophomores in the STEM major. 

1 Week Immersive Research Experience at USC Wrigley

Students who complete the Research Class in Track 2 can apply for a 1-week all-expenses paid immersive residential research experience at USC Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island during the Winter semester. Topics and activities include Geology, Astronomy, Ocean/Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, and more. 

Program Partnerships

Los Angeles Valley College partners with the following entities to deliver the PaCES Program with funding from the National Science Foundation:

  • LA Pierce College
  • University of Southern California (USC)
  • BioscienceLA- a non-profit that connects students to paid internships in the Life Science industry



Meet the Staff

Becky Green-Marroquin, PhD

Program Director (LAVC)

(818) 947-2878

Pamela Byrd-Williams


(818) 947-2880

Luis Cabrera

Program Specialist (LAVC)

(818) 778-5683


Shannon DeVaney, PhD


Diane Kim, PhD



Contact Us:

Any questions or concerns, please contact Luis Cabrera at or (818) 778-5683.