Computer Science and Information Systems (CSIS) Department

The CSIS Department at Los Angeles Valley College offers exceptional learning opportunities in computer science, computer applications, computer information systems, and office technologies.

Information is the core asset of all businesses. Information technology tools help companies offer innovative business solutions that meet today’s complex consumer and business demands.

Whether you want to improve your business communication skills, learn to develop computer programs, lean about cyber and cloud security, increase your typing speed, learn to install and manage computer networks, learn to manage large date and create models for real life situations, or use office applications for daily business and personal tasks, the CSIS Department can help you.

The department is proud of benefiting from the educational and professional expertise of a group of outstanding educators eager to share their business knowledge and experience with the students.

Our graduates possess career and technical skills that help them get ready for a new computer-related job, advance their careers, continue with their college education, improve their lives, and contribute to the communities they live in.

As a lifelong learner, when new information technology tools and solutions become available, we always welcome you back to take additional courses and training to update your computer skills.

Whether you seek to increase your knowledge, improve your job prospects, or earn a certificate or degree, the Los Angeles Valley College Computer Science and Information Systems is here to help you with all your academic and career objectives.

Professor Michael Rahni, PhD.

Department Chair
Computer Science and Information Systems Department

CSIS Computer Lab

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Computer Science 

 Computer Information Systems

 Computer Applications and Office Technology


Department Contacts


Michael Rahni, PhD
Department Chair
Phone: (818) 947-2364
Office: BJ Room 102-D

Laurie Nalepa, EdD
Dean of Career and Technical Education
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 947-2326