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Have you ever had dreams of becoming a beer or wine maker? How about a bio-animation artist or forensic investigator? A career in Biology can be paired with your favorite interests and hobbies such as food, drawing and the legal system. The more popular career choices remain in the Health Care, Allied Health and Health Related fields, but you can always choose to become a Zoo Keeper, Environmental Scientist or Lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

There are many websites that provide you with extensive lists of careers that use coursework in Biology as their foundation. Please look at our Careers in Biology page to see possibilities, median salaries, and job growth outlook. When you have familiarized yourself with the exciting range of Biology-based Career options, consider how your lifestyle preferences and experiences match up with those options. Our page, Lifestyle and Biology, gives you a chance to further your reflection on this topic.

We can give you some general suggestions on how to navigate your way through the courses and their prerequisites in our department. The information found under Student Resources is intended to supplement your meeting with counselors in the Counseling Department. In addition, our list of friendly and knowledgeable faculty can be found on the Biology Faculty/Staff page. Together, these pages and meetings with counselors will make your progress at Valley smooth and efficient.

Finally, coursework alone and self-knowledge will bring you very close to accessing your ideal job. But there are also skills and abilities to develop along the way – many of those obtained just from Biology courses alone – that will practically guarantee your success. The page, Success in Biology, gives many tips to integrate into your academic experience.