Biology Department

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What is Biology?

Welcome to the Biological Sciences Department. Biology is the study of life. No matter what you are going to major in, you can always find something exciting in our offerings. This includes your own body systems, DNA, genetics, living things around us, and how you can help the environment.  

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math CAP

Health and Public Service CAP

The Biology Department offers courses in Anatomy, Biotechnology (contracted only), majors and non-majors Biology, Microbiology and Physiology. These courses meet general education and lower division transfer requirements. 

To find more information including the degree, faculty, and other resources, click here to explore the Biology AOS Site

Department Contacts

Sara Huang

Department Chair
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 947-2877
Office: AHS 208

Dr. Jennifer Cole                                              

Academic Dean (STEM)
Email: @email
Phone: 818-947-2316                                         

Dr. Laurie Nalepa

Academic Dean (HPC) 
Email: @email  
Phone: (818) 947-2326