ESL Assessment


The ESL assessment is designed for students for who want to learn how to speak, read and write in English and/or English Language Learners students coming from other countries who did not complete at least three years of high school in the U.S.

We have six levels of courses from low-intermediate to college-level English composition, and the Guided Self Placement process will help know which level is the right one for you.

The Guided Self Placement process has two parts:

  • ZOOM meeting with a faculty member (about 15 minutes)
  • You need access to ZOOM and the Internet
  • Meeting with a counselor to register for your classes (about 15 minutes)

Please contact @email to inquire about setting up the Guided Self Placement.

Please visit the Credit ESL homepage at:

You may place in any of the following ESL courses:

E.S.L. 110 College Composition for Non-Native Speakers
E.S.L. 8 Advanced E.S.L. Composition
E.S.L. 6A College E.S.L. VI: Writing + Grammar
E.S.L. 5A College E.S.L. V: Writing + Grammar
E.S.L. 4A College E.S.L. IV: Writing + Grammar
E.S.L. 3A College E.S.L. III: Writing + Grammar


Also, you may enroll directly in the following courses without going through the assessment process: 

E.S.L. 003B College ESL III: Reading and Vocabulary
E.S.L. 004B College ESL IV: Reading and Vocabulary
E.S.L. 005B College ESL V: Reading and Vocabulary
E.S.L. 006B College ESL VI: Reading and Vocabulary
E.S.L. 003C College ESL III: Listening and Speaking
E.S.L. 004C College ESL IV: Listening and Speaking
E.S.L. 005C College ESL V: Listening and Speaking
E.S.L. 006C College ESL VI: Listening and Speaking