What type of English assessments does Valley offer?

What is the purpose of the ESL Self-Guided Placement?

The purpose of the ESL Self-Guided Placement is to assess students’ reading and writing skills. Results will inform them if they are ready to undertake college-level work or if they need to further develop their skills. Based on their results, students will be placed into a level of ESL appropriate to their skill level.

Students must take the ESL Self-Guided Placement prior to enrolling in ESL classes. The exception is the student who has a satisfactory grade in English composition documented by transcripts from an accredited college.

How can I view my placement results online?

Students may view their placement results online in the student information system at: https://www.lavc.edu/sis

If I don't like my results can I retest?

No. Students taking the assessment may only assess once (1) a year. This also applies to students who have assessed at any Los Angeles Community College District campus. Please note that no retests are permitted if a student begins the sequence of courses they originally placed in and received a grade.

A challenge process exists for students already enrolled in courses who provide evidence that they meet the prerequisites of a course higher than their current placement or enrollment level.