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New English and Math Placement!!!

California Assembly Bill (AB) 705, a law which took effect January 1, 2018, requires that California Community Colleges use multiple methods of placing students into transfer-level English, English as a second language (ESL) and math courses.

These methods must include the use of high school cumulative grade point average (HSGPA), high school course grades, and high school courses taken. The law also requires that the method that yields the highest placement override all other methods.

The placement criteria is entered when you submit the application for LAVC via the CCC Apply website. Check and see if you have placements first. Login to your student portal at and click on Student Status, then click on Assessment Result.

Currently, if you do not have a placement, you would fill out this form: and email it to from your student LACCD email address.

If you are undecided and need help identifying your major or career, please make an appointment with a counselor by calling (818) 947-2474 or visit the Counseling Department in the Student Services Annex to make a same-day appointment.

You are now eligible to enroll in the following courses depending on your major or career:

Major or a Career

Enroll in

Liberal Arts or Liberal Studies

Math 227 or Math 245 or STAT 101
Science, Technology, Engineering Math 240 or Math 259
Business Math 227 or Math 238 or Math 245
Elementary School Teacher Math 215
Kinesiology, Nursing, Respiratory Therapy or Fire Technology Math 227 or STAT 101

If you would like additional support in math, Math 100, STAT 100, Math 125 or Math 134 are also available.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) assessment is still offered. Students interested in being placed in the ESL sequence may visit the Assessment Center or call (818) 947-2587.