Application Process

Respiratory Therapy Application Process

September 1, 2016

The Los Angeles Valley College Respiratory Therapy Program accepts applications once a year for the Clinical Internship, which starts in spring each year and consists of RT 15, 3,4,5,6,7,8, and 11.
If students have completed or are currently enrolled in RT 1 and 2, they may submit applications beginning in September of each year. Applications and all transcripts must be submitted no later than November 1st. Please also review the LAVC RT web site.

In order to apply to the Program the following steps must be completed by 5:00 PM on November 1st each year.

All students must have a current LAVC Application on file with the Admissions Office before their application is considered. International students must first apply to the International Student Program.

All U.S. transcripts that are not from Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) must be mailed directly from the college attended to the LAVC admissions Office. Hand carried transcripts of any kind are NOT acceptable as official transcripts. Students are also responsible for verifying with the Admission’s Office that all transcripts have arrived by the Nov.1st, 5 PM deadline. Students must also confirm with the Admissions Office that transcripts have arrived prior to making a counseling appointment for evaluation of domestic transcripts and verification of program prerequisites.

All transcripts from outside of the U.S. must be evaluated according to the following procedures:

    • Foreign academic or medical degrees are not recognized by the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC). An Associate of Science in RT must be completed to obtain a Respiratory Care Practitioner ( RCP) license and credential
    • Students must have completed 12 units with a “C” average within LACCD prior to submitting petition for credit.
    • Submit foreign transcripts to an LAVC-approved foreign transcripts evaluation service to obtain credit recommendations towards completion of RT program prerequisites.
    • Submit by mail or in person directly to the Graduation Office for the LAVC’s Petitions Committee consideration, a sealed copy of the evaluation service’s credit recommendations along with a petition for approval of credit. Credit approval is NOT automatic; see a counselor for details.
    • Translated foreign transcripts must be received and on file to LAVC Admissions Office by November 1st.
  1. After completing steps 1-3, students must schedule an appointment with a counselor to evaluate all transcripts before enrolling in RT 2. The counselor will provide students with a verification of prerequisites. Any disputes over course equivalency will be handled by the appropriate Department Chair or Program Director.
  2. RT program enrollment is limited by the number of clinical positions available at each of the medical centers that serve as Clinical Training Centers for the LAVC RT Program.
  3. Any late applications or transcripts submitted after November 1st and before the beginning of the spring RT15 class will be considered only if there are available clinical internship spaces. These late applicants will only be considered after all students who submitted applications and transcripts by the deadline of 5:00 PM November 1st have been evaluated and accepted.
  4. Applications for the Respiratory Therapy Program will be provided by the RT Program Director at the beginning of the RT 2 class each fall semester. Both the RT application form & the Respiratory Therapy Prerequisite Verification form completed & signed by a LAVC counselor must be submitted directly to the RT Program Director by 5:00 PM November 1st.

  • All applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in all prerequisite or co-requisite courses for RT 2.
  • All applicants must have completed or be currently enrolled in RT 1 and RT 2.
  • All prerequisites and co-requisites for RT 2 must be completed with a grade “C” or better.
  • The Respiratory Therapy Program Director may ask students to provide written proof of grade “C” or better in any currently enrolled prerequisite course.
  • Priority of acceptance; Qualified applicants who have completed the necessary requirements by 5:00 PM November 1st will be admitted based on their active application date to LAVC (provided by LAVC Admissions office) without any significant lapse in enrollment. Lapse is defined as absence for two or more consecutive semesters, fall and spring only). The active college application must be made directly through the LAVC Admissions Office. Application dates from other LACCD campuses will not be considered.
  • Priority is for 1st time applicants. Applications from returning students who dropped or failed out of a LACCD RT program will be considered only if there are any open spots after all new applicants have been accepted. (LACCD policy 6701; Students must petition if they wish to repeat a course more than three times in which substandard grades “D, F”, or NC” were awarded in the district).
  • Applications from students who enrolled and completed RT 2 or subsequent RT courses at another college will be considered only if there are open spots after all first time applicants have been accepted.
  • Any falsification of transcript or application information is grounds for admission denial into the RT Program and possible investigation for student disciplinary action.
  • The Respiratory Therapy Program Director will notify all applicants in writing of admission or denial during the last scheduled class session of RT 2.
  • Admitted students must declare their intent to enroll either by writing or by emailing the RT Program Director before the last day of the fall semester.
  • Accepted students who do not respond by the specified deadline will be dropped. Their clinical position will then be offered to another qualified applicant.
  • IIf a student applies and is denied because of limited class size or voluntarily does not accept entrance into the RT program, he or she may reapply the next year.
  • All prior applications will be destroyed; students will need to re-submit applications if they wish to reapply to the program.

In order to graduate from the college and receive an Associates of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy, the student is strongly encouraged to contact a counselor well in advance of completion of the RT program. The California Respiratory Care Board requires completion of an approved Respiratory Therapy Program, passing the National Respiratory Care Board’s Certification Respiratory Therapist (CRT) Exam, as well as an AS degree or higher in order to obtain a license.

Los Angeles Valley College Respiratory Therapist Program Associative Science Degree Respiratory Care Practitioners


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Physics 5 or Physics 12 3
Chemistry 51 or 68 (Math 115 recommended) 5
Anatomy 1 & Physio. 1 or Physio 8 & 9 / Biology 3 Prerequisite). 8
Microbiology 20 (Chem 51 Prerequisite) 4
Psychology 1 3
Respiratory Therapy 1 1
Respiratory Therapy 2 (RT1 completed or concurrent enrollment. 4


28 Units
(RT 2 is only offered in the Fall Semester)
ALL prerequisite courses must be completed before entering the
Clinical Internship Phase (RT 15) of the RT Program. Application for the internship is completed in Fall semester during RT 2.

PHASE 2: CLINICAL COURSES – 3 Semesters and summer session

RT 15 – Introduction to Clinical Applications 4
RT 6 – Applied Pulmonary Physiology 4
RT 3 – Clinical Applications I 5
RT 7 – Pulmonary Pathophysiology 3
RT 23 – Advance Respiratory Pathophysiology 1
RT 8 – RT Management 1
RT 4 - Clinical Applications II 5
RT 5 - Clinical Applications III 5
RT 11 - Clinical Applications IV 5
Total 33 Units

The Respiratory Therapist Program requires Plan B graduation requirements for an Associate of Science Degree. To qualify for an AS Degree an additional 13 UNITS is required as described in Plan B.

California Respiratory Care Board (RCB) License and National Board of Respiratory Care ( NBRC) credential require an Associate Degree or higher & COMPLETION of ALL Respiratory Therapist Program course requirements.

The Respiratory Therapist Program Offers:

  • A personally rewarding Health Care Profession with EXCELLENT pay and benefits
  • Challenging medical career for science majors
  • Nationally recognized for excellence in education with clinical training @ major medical centers
  • Associative Science Degree level accreditation from Commission of Accreditation for Respiratory Care ( CoARC)

The Respiratory Care Practitioner’s Role in the Treatment of Patients with CardioPulmonay Disorders:

  • CPR & Neonatal resuscitation
  • Airway Management
  • Life Support Systems
  • Patient Assessment & education
  • Arterial Blood as Analysis
  • Medical Gas Administration
  • Home Care & Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Cardiopulmonary Function Testing
  • Aerosol Therapy/ Medications