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Online Student Readiness Tutorials

Welcome to Los Angeles Valley College.

You are either thinking about enrolling in an online course or have already taken the initiative of registering for one. Congratulations! We are happy that you are here.

The following text-based presentation will provide you with the necessary tools to be a successful online student at Los Angeles Valley College. It features tips, suggestions, and resources for navigating through Canvas, LAVC's current Learning Management System.

Canvas hosts your online courses and it's where instructors will upload all their course content, exams, and lessons. There are 11 modules within the Canvas Student Readiness Tutorials. Each module begins with an introduction that outlines the objective of the module and ends with a summary, before moving to the next section. The time required to read and comprehend each module is stated at the beginning of the lesson.

The purpose of these modules is to help prepare LAVC students for greater success in the online learning environment. They are intended to improve the rates of success and retention in online courses. The tutorials include lessons and suggestions that facilitate learning in online classes versus the traditional face-to-face classes.

Students new to online classes can find lessons that offer assistance with Canvas skill development while every online student can find resources and strategies that promote success in an online classroom.

Information regarding Student Support Services available at LAVC as well as frequently asked questions can be found in the last two modules of the presentation. These modules include the location of tutoring labs and computer labs on campus that can be utilized for additional help.

READ the modules, TEST your readiness, and PLAN for a successful experience with your online classes.

We are proud to have you here and we wish you much success on your journey to becoming a successful online learner.

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Canvas Login Instructions

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. LoginID/UserID: Your 9-digit student ID number (example: 881234567 or 900123456)
  3. Password: Same as your SIS password (where you registered for the class). Show me.