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Canvas Student Video Tutorials

Need help getting started? The 14 videos below were designed by our friendly Canvas Documentation Team to assist students in gaining a strong foothold in the Canvas system. (To increase size of video, click icon in video's lower right.)

Getting Started and How to Login to Canvas

  1. Go to the Canvas Login screen
  2. LoginID/UserID: Your 9-digit student ID number ( example: 881234567)
  3. Password: 8888 + month (MM) + day (DD) you were born (example 88880101 for Jan. 1 birthday)

[Youtube Video - 0:48]

Global Navigation: Dashboard - Course Cards

[Youtube Video - 1:34]

Global Navigation Menu - Adding a Profile Picture

[Youtube Video - 1:22]

Global Navigation: Canvas Calendar

[Youtube Video - 1:36]

Canvas Inbox

[Youtube Video - 0:54]

Help Button

[Youtube Video - 0:40]

Canvas Home Page & Announcements

[Youtube Video - 1:07]

Submitting Assignments

[Youtube Video - 0:52]

Participating in Modules

[Youtube Video - 2:01]


[Youtube Video - 2:00]

Participating in Discussions

[Youtube Video - 0:46]

Syllabus & Assignment Due Dates

[Youtube Video - 0:55]

Viewing Grades

[Youtube Video - 2:02]

Additional video resources can be found at

Help Links

Canvas Live Chat Assistance 24/7
Class Login

Canvas Login Instructions

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. LoginID/UserID: Your 9-digit student ID number (example: 881234567 or 900123456)
  3. Password: Same as your SIS password (where you registered for the class). Show me.