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OIE Vision, Mission & Goals


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The LAVC OIE strives for excellence, integrity, and ethics in our work and hold the highest standards in regard to the quality of the information we provide to the campus and community. The OIE strives to make data accessible to the college constituents and to facilitate data usage to support other processes.


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitates and supports campus-wide processes for evaluating the effectiveness of programs and the institution in order to foster sustainable continuous quality improvement. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness is coordinates and supports institutional efforts related to data, research, accountability, assessment for planning, goal-setting, and decision-making.

Updated 12/2015

OIE Key Functions

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  • To provide background and achievement data about our students, employees and service area
  • To evaluate college progress and refine our goals in order to improve our students’ success
  • To assess college programs and services
  • To evaluate and report meaningful measures of institutional effectiveness
  • To analyze, interpret, and evaluate quantitative and qualitative data
  • To assist in the design of campus research efforts
  • To provide research and evaluation support for grant-writing endeavors
  • To be a resource for implementing and assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs)
  • To communicate data in accessible and timely manner to disseminate research findings for decision-making and planning purposes
  • To facilitate accountability assessment and reporting efforts

Quality data for positive action.