LAVC has partnered with BankMobile to deposit your money, refund, or grant award quickly and securely.

In an email from BankMobile, you were sent a Personal Activation Code. This Activation Code does not expire.

Go to:
There are two options to deposit your money.

Choose an option
Existing Bank Account: You will set up the deposit to transfer to your own existing checking/debit account. Each transfer from the LACCD district, to BankMobile, to your account takes 1-2 business days for the money to transfer.

BankMobile Vibe Account: If you don’t have a personal bank/debit account or don’t want to use your account, you can set up an account with BankMobile. It is a FTC insured, digital only banking product. Transfers are deposited the same business day.

Bank Accounts Images

If you have lost your activation code, a BankMobile administrator can resend one to you.
Go to:

Enter Your Personal Code

You will need to provide the school Name (Use: Los Angeles Community College District, your student ID, and your college e-mail address.)

School Name: Los Angeles Community College District
Student ID Number: 88 XXX XXXX
Email: (Use your address)

Follow the prompts and set up your deposits to either your bank account or a BankMobileVibe account.

If you can’t set up your account
Call BankMobile Student Support Phone: 1 (877) 327-9515 to request your code.