Safety Escort Services

Sheriffs Station

The LAVC Sheriff’s Station provides safety escorts for people walking alone at night on campus.

Faculty and staff members, students and guests can contact the College Sheriff's Office to request a security escort to and from their classroom or office. Wait times may vary based on the available staff and number of requests.

If you would like to request a safety escort on campus, please contact the College Sheriff’s Office at (818) 947-2911.

View the campus sexual assault policy.

Stay Safe at Valley College with the LAVC Safe App

Los Angeles Valley College has a campus safety mobile app called LAVC Safe App (available on Apple). Students, employees and guests now have 24/7 access to a range of campus safety resources!

Here’s an overview of some of the app's safety features:

Friend Walk

You can send your real-time location to a friend to virtually watch you as you walk to your destination. It also allows you to trigger a call to emergency services. To use Friend Walk, select “Friend Walk” on the LAVC Safe App and follow the instruction to send an email or text to your friend so they can virtually walk with. Your friend will receive a link that has a map with your location, and you can be connected with them until you reach your destination.

Request Escort

Call the LAVC Sheriff’s Station at (818) 947-2911 (or ext. 2911) to request an on-campus escort to/from your classroom or office using your mobile phone.

Emergency Call to Sheriff

You can call the LAVC College Sheriff’s Station at (818) 947-2911 (or ext. 2911).

Safety Tool Box

I’m OK!
You can send your location and a message to a recipient of your choosing to let them know you have arrived safely to your destination.

Share Map with Your Location

You can share your location with a friend by sending them a map to your position.

Emergency Procedures

You can access LAVC’s Emergency Procedures so you can be better prepared during disasters or emergencies.

Campus Map

You can view the campus map

Report ICE on Campus

You can report when U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is on campus.

Download the LAVC Safe App (for Apple)


Dial 2911 from any campus phone to reach the Sheriff's Department.