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1.    Can we take Lab and Lecture sections as separate classes?

No, at LAVC we offer the combination of a lab and lecture as one section.


2.    In the schedule of classes, the lab is meeting before the lecture.  Should I go to the lab as scheduled or wait and go to the lecture part first?

You should go to whichever part is scheduled first.


3.    If I have taken prerequisites at other schools, what do I need to do for LAVC to acknowledge them? 

You will need to take your transcripts to the Counseling Department for them to determine equivalence.  It would be wise to do this even with prerequisites taken within the LACCD colleges, but at another college besides LAVC.


4.    The Counselor is not sure if the Biology Department will accept my course from another school as a prerequisite for a Biology Department course.  What can I do next? 

There is a Prerequisite/Co-requisite Challenge Form you may submit to the Biology Department Chair.  Fill it out the form, attach a copy of your unofficial transcripts from LAVC and/or your other college, as well as a Course Outline from the catalog year you took the course of the class you want considered as the prerequisite.  Bring all materials to the Biology Department in AHS 200.  For more information, call (818) 947-2514, or click here.


5.    How do I contact my professors?

Go to the LAVC online Directory.  Or you can go to the Biology Department Faculty/Staff listing.