Sociology & Ethnic Studies

What is Sociology?

Sociology focuses on the role of social organization in human interactions, societal structure and the dynamics of social life using both applied and conceptual methods.

What is Ethnic Studies?

Ethnic Studies offers a critical and interdisciplinary approach to the study of historically marginalized ethnic groups within our nation highlighting the history, literature, and perspectives of these groups in an effort to move towards social action and social justice.

Social & Behavioral Sciences CAP

The skills you develop in Sociology and Ethnic Studies classes are useful for understanding, living, and working in today’s diverse world and for interacting with people from many different cultural backgrounds. Our degrees and majors aim to create a more just society by preparing our students to engage as adept critical thinkers and global citizens. 

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Department Contacts

Keidra Morris
Department Chair
Email: @email
Phone: (818) 947-2486
Office: BSC 11D

Brandon Hildreth
Academic Dean (Social Sciences, Adult Education, Workforce Development, and Dual Enrollment)