Child Development

What is Child Development?

Child development is the study of development in the areas of biological, psychological and emotional changes that occur in human beings between birth and the conclusion of adolescence. 

Childhood is divided into three stages of life which include early childhood, middle childhood, and late childhood (preadolescence). Early childhood typically ranges from infancy to the age of 6 years old. During this period, development is significant, as many of life's milestones happen during this time period such as first words, learning to crawl, and learning to walk. There is speculation that middle childhood/preadolescence or ages 6–12 are the most crucial years of a child's life. Adolescence is the stage of life that typically starts around the major onset of puberty, typically occurring at 12–13 years of age

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The skills you develop in Child Development classes are useful for understanding children's development, and preparing to work with children in a variety of setting such as early childhood settings, after school programs, and early intervention.  

 Child Development specialists  work in a wide range of fields including preschools, transitional kindergarten, early intervention, school-age programs, in child life,  and resource and referral agencies.  To learn more about the field and learn about current initiatives please visit the leading organization National Association for the Education of Young Children. 

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