What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behaviors. It is a social science that studies human behavior, development, emotions and much more. As such, it is a broad discipline which involves both pure science and practical application of science to matters of everyday living.  It’s considered a “hub science” because of its strong connections to diverse fields, including medical sciences (e.g.,  neuroscience), public health (e.g., epidemiology), social sciences (e.g., economics and political science), and education. Psychology is part of the Social and Behavioral Sciences Career and Academic Pathway

Social & Behavioral Sciences CAP

The skills you develop in psychology classes are useful for understanding, living, and working in today’s world and for interacting with people from many different cultural backgrounds. To be a psychologist requires transferring and earning a four-year degree, usually followed by graduate school. Many local universities offer degrees in psychology, including CSUN, CSLA and UCLA.

 Psychologist work in wide range of fields including corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, athletics and medical facilities. To learn more, check out this Science of Psychology article from the American Psychological Association.

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Department Contacts

Ali Ghassemi

Department Chair
Phone: (818) 947 - 2522
Office: BSC 111C

Brandon Hildreth
Academic Dean (Social Sciences, Adult Education, Workforce Development, and Dual Enrollment)