Ethnic Studies

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What is Ethnic Studies?

Ethnic Studies offers a critical and interdisciplinary approach to the study of various ethnic groups within our nation highlighting the history, literature, and perspectives of various ethnic groups with an emphasis on social justice and social action.  All of our degrees and majors aim to create a more just society by preparing our students to engage as adept critical thinkers and global citizens.

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The site includes information about the discipline and an opportunity to become a member of the Ethnic Studies Association.  


Ethnic Studies at LAVC

At LAVC, a wide variety of courses are offered in African American Studies, Asian American Studies and Chicano Studies for both general education credit and for satisfying lower division transfer requirements. All courses are UC and CSU transferable and an AA degree in Ethnic Studies may be earned. For more information, see the College Catalog.

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An associate's degree in Ethnic Studies provides students with theoretical frameworks through which students are able to explore, examine and analyze the experiences of a wide array of ethnic groups in the United States. Students will build skills communicating with diverse audiences, address issues of underrepresentation and enhance their cultural outlook. This degree equips students to enter a multi-ethnic workforce and more effectively work towards issues related to social justice.

Ethnic Studies AA

Disciplines within Ethnic Studies

We offer both an AA in Chicano Studies and a certificate in African American Studies.  To find out more about each program, please click on the buttons below.

African American StudiesChicano Studies

We have one course in Asian American Studies that we offer.  We currently are expanding our offerings to include more Asian American Studies courses and Native American Studies.