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Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC). Ours is a vibrant, multidisciplinary department consisting of Psychology and two psychological subdisciplines: Statistics and Developmental Communications. I invite you to explore our web site, our programs and to meet our faculty to learn more about our comprehensive and exciting department.


The word psychology stems from the Greek psychē and logia, “the study of the mind." Psychology is a social science, which scientifically studies the human mind, mental processes and behavior. This includes topics as diverse as: anatomy, biology, biochemistry, cognition, emotion, evolution, interpersonal relationships, learning, memory, perception, personality, pharmacology and physiology. Psychologists try to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the underlying neurological and physiological processes. Psychological training can be applied to everyday life, from education, employment and family to the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. Our program offers a solid foundation for transfer to a four-year university, as well as an excellent, liberal arts education beneficial to many career paths.


Statistics for the Social Sciences stresses the applied mathematical collection and interpretation of data and the use of probability theory. Statistics for the Social Sciences is an invaluable tool in quantitative data compilation and analysis in social sciences such as psychology, sociology and anthropology.

Developmental Communications

The Developmental Communications Program offers Basic Skills courses geared to increase competence in reading and understanding English-language materials. Developmental Communications is a program based on developmental psychology where human development is viewed as a life-span affair. While the program offers vocabulary enrichment and speed-reading, among other lessons, Developmental Communications is particularly useful to ESL students. The psychological approach to developing communication skills, particularly reading, is based on an understanding of the biological and psychological developmental capacity of the human mind and memory. At LAVC, the program in Developmental Communications is the use of communication to promote basic skills such as cognitive awareness and development through literacy. In learning to understand the principles, processes and strategies of reading written communication, ESL and Basic Skills students empower themselves to bring about positive change in their own psychological and social experiences, anywhere from understanding how to read a receipt, dinner menu or street sign, to studying for school and reading for personal enrichment or pleasure.

From our existing classrooms on a 60 year old, forested campus, our recent implementation of computers and specialized software in Developmental Communications courses, our new facilities and computer laboratories, to our ever expanding curriculum, we offer the tools for majors and non-majors alike to succeed. Psychology is a stimulating and vibrant field. Students in our department have access to professors with an expansive array of knowledge, from basic skills, reading and statistics to evolutionary, developmental and clinical psychology. We take pride in having a long history of service to the community providing opportunities to help you achieve your academic and professional goals.

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Department of Psychology


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