Step 1: Self-Assessment

Learn About Yourself

Not sure which major is right for you? Self-assessment is a process of learning about yourself that is a critical first step in figuring out your major. Understanding your personal interests, values, skills, personality, and abilities will help you relate them to different majors and careers and whether they are a good fit for you.

The Career/Transfer Center has a quick 20-minute presentation that guides you through the self-exploration process with engaging activities and self-reflection questions.

Self-Assessment Tools

There are many self-assessment tools available to help you learn more about your interests, values, skills, personality, and abilities. Assessments are not tests, there are no right or wrong answers, and should only be used as a tool in helping you engage in self-reflection.

Use the following popular websites to take free self-assessments!

Assessments Description
Career Zone California Take a quick personality, interest, values, and skills profilers.
Eureka (Site ID: PG2WIRG) Create your own account to take assessments and compare them with careers and majors that may be a good fit for you. The Microskills assessment will help you identify skills that you may be interested in using on the job.
O*NET The Skills Search allows you to identify the skills you have or plan to acquire and the occupations that relate to those skills.
Truity Take free, scientifically validated personality tests based on Myers and Briggs' 16 types, Holland Code and more.
VitaNavis (Site ID LAVC-Explore) The SuperStrong is a 10-minute assessment that will help you identify majors at LAVC that may be a good fit for you.

Next Steps

Once you have a good understanding of what your interests, values, skills, personality, and abilities are, the next step is to explore LAVC Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs) and majors that are a good fit for you.

Make an appointment with a Career/Transfer Center staff member to learn more about other available self-assessments. You can also make an appointment with a Career Counselor to further engage in the career-decision making process.

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