Associate Degree for Transfer (AD-T)

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What is an Associate Degree for Transfer (also referred to as AD-T, AS-T, or AA-T)?

An AD-T is a degree that you can earn at LAVC that helps you obtain a two-year degree, as well as get priority admission guarantee to the CSU System (not necessarily a particular campus). There are many independent colleges that also offer guaranteed admission for students who complete an AD-T.

Students with an AD-T receive:

  • Admission priority
  • Guaranteed admission with junior status to the CSU system
  • Complete a baccalaureate degree with only 60 additional units (in a degree program that is deemed similar)

To get the full benefits, students must:

  • Apply to a CSU in a major that is deemed similar to the major at Los Angels Valley College (LAVC)
  • Indicate on their CSU application that they will complete the AA-T or AS-T
  • Petition for degree verification early by making an appointment with a Counselor

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of earning an AD-T!

Associate Degree for Transfer Video