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General Tutoring center. LARC 213

Volunteer & Employment Opportunities 


At the Los Angeles Valley College Academic Resource Center (ARC) there are opportunities to work as a tutor for specific subjects and/or a Progam Assistant. These positions offer between five and twenty five hours per week.

The General Tutoring Center offers both employment and volunteer opportunities. 

Becoming a tutor or Program Assistant is one of the most rewarding jobs with truly unique benefits. Staff have the opportunity to

  • Earn competitive pay in the range of $14.49-$18.80 per hour
  • Solidify knowledge in the subject; the best way to learn something really well is to teach it to others
  • Strengthen scholarship applications and university transfer statements. Tutoring experience is a perennial favorite for demonstrating service to the community and standing out from peers
  • Enjoy flexible scheduling with opportunities for online and in-person work
  • Receive paid training and earn nationally recognized certification  

No experience is necessary to work at ARC. If you enjoy learning and have a passion for helping others, we encourage you to consider applying. For the online application and more information, please visit ARC Employment Opportunities.

Additional Information:

  • LAVC students cannot work more than 25 hours for LACCD. This includes work study and non-work study assignments. 
  • Students not attending LAVC must submit unofficial transcripts that shows the number of units enrolled. 
  • Volunteers do not have a unit requirement. 
  • Please note that your application does not guarantee an interview. If you are contacted for an interview that interview does not guarantee employment.

If you have any questions about employment or volunteering, please contact Lily Salter at the General Tutoring Center: