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General Tutoring center. LARC 213

Volunteer & Employment Opportunities 


The General Tutoring Center offers both employment and volunteer opportunities to tutor in a variety of subject areas. As a tutor you will gain valuable experience that can be listed on your resume and college applications.

Each semester, a limited number of paid tutoring positions are available in specific subject areas. To be eligible for a paid position, students must meet the following criteria: 

  • Must be a) enrolled in 12 units at any accredited institution, or enrolled in 5 units in conjunction with 1 unit in the LAVC Cooperative Education Program for the current semester. Note: if you drop a class or for any other reason do not meet the unit requirement you will forfeit your position and you will not be eligible for paid employment. 
  • Or b) enrolled as a graduate in 9 units at an accredited institution.
  • Possess a minimum 3.0 GPA and must have received a letter grade of "B" or higher in the subject being tutored.
  • Submit a recommendation from a faculty member in the tutoring subject area. 
  •  Successfully complete the College Reading Learning Association (CRLA) training program, according to lab requirements. 

Addiational Information: 

  • LAVC students cannot work more than 25 hours on campus. This includes work study and non-work study assignments. 
  • Students not attending LAVC must submit a hard copy of a class schedule that shows the number of units enrolled. 
  • Volunteers do not have a unit requirement. 

To inquire about a paid or volunteer position, please contact Lily Salter at the General Tutoring Center: or (818) 947-2795.