Workforce Development Office

Welcome to the Workforce Development Office at Los Angeles Valley College. We provide high-quality, in-demand work-based learning opportunities that increase employment outcomes for students and our region. The Office is committed to establishing strategic partnerships with local employers and industries to strengthen the workforce within the San Fernando Valley.

Students can participate in various programs that combine academic and workforce training to prepare them for employment.

Employers can partner with LAVC to develop training opportunities for their workforce using program designs that meet their training needs. In addition, LAVC can assist with establishing a talent pipeline. Employers who want to develop training curriculum, please contact Dr. Brandon Hildreth ( Below is a resource about our training models.

Workforce Development Projects

The Workforce Development Office is involved in several federal and state grant-funded projects that aim to create a pipeline of talent to employment. Many of the projects focus on closing equity gaps in income, wealth, and employment outcomes for many populations like veterans, unemployed, underemployed, displaced, laid-off, women, and persons of color. Below are the projects underway at Los Angeles Valley College

For more information, contact the Workforce Development Office.

Phone: 818-947-2334

Location: Administration and Career Advancement Building (ACA) 1201

Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM