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Budget Request Form - Complete this form if you would like to request funds from the ASU. Email the form to

Disbursement Request Form - Complete this form to process purchase orders once funding has been approved by the ASU and/or using club funds. Email form to


  • Student Life Facilities Request Form - Complete this form to request Student Life Spaces such as the Lion's Den, Study Lair, or Skybox Conference Room. Email form to
  • Use For College Facilities Request Form - Complete this form to request spaces on campus. Email form to
  • Event Request Form - Complete form and send to
  • Vendor Form (used for any vendor who wants to sell on campus); also need a certificate of insurance. Food vendors also need Food Handling/SafeServe Certificate. Submit all paperwork 10 business days prior to event
  • Risk Management Form - Are required for ALL Off-Campus Events and Activities. Follow Submission Instructions on form.
  • Field Trip Excursion Form - Are required for ALL Off-Campus Events and Activities.
  • Instructions for Field Trips - Are required for ALL Off-Campus Events and Activities.
  • Fundraising Form - Required for ALL fundraising events.
  • Guest Agreement Form - Form is only used for guest speakers who are not charging a fee for their services. Performers do not apply. 
  • Miscellaneous Form - Used for performers, other contracts, such as bus transportation, etc. If you are paying an individual, you must use this form. 


  • Has your event been approved?
  • Make sure your flyers include the "Disabled Access" logo and wording before getting stamped for approval. A phone # or email must be provided for students to contact in case they need an accomodation. Also, insert the date (deadline) by which a student must make a request. Give at least 2 weeks.
  • The ASU has money set aside for this purpose. Please contact the ASU Office if your club needs assistance paying for sign language fees.
  • Your event must be approved before getting stamped.

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