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About ARC

ARC Standard Agreement

By using the ARC's tutoring services, students agree to being enrolled in a zero-unit section of Supervised Learning Assistance (Tutor 001). There is no cost, no grade, and no units associated with this. This is a free, zero-unit course used to coordinate tutoring efforts. Contact: @email if you have any questions.

Mission Statement

The central purpose of Los Angeles Valley College's Academic Resource Center (ARC) is to support students in completing their educational goals by prioritizing equitable practices, collaborative efforts, and student-centered services.

Our Values 

Our values are to provide a safe and supportive space that promotes student learning, confidence, class success, and completion.

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) supports Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at LAVC.

LAVC Antiracism
As an organization founded on educational excellence, opportunity and access, and dedicated to the principles of equity, justice and community, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) must lead by example, and make structural and permanent changes to root out the ill effects of racism and bias from our classrooms and our workplace.


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ARC Staff

Scott Weigand

Weigand, Scott—M.A. English Rhetoric and Composition Theory
Director, Academic Resource Center
(818) 947-2811

Farzaneh Sheikholeslami

Sheikholeslami, Farzaneh "Fay"—M.S., Ed.D. Educational Leadership and Policy
Faculty Supervisor, Academic Resource Center
(818) 947-5907

Jose Cancino

Cancino, Jose—B.A. English
Instructional Assistant Language Arts, Writing/English Tutoring
LAVC Tutor Training Program (CRLA) Coordinator
(818) 947-2616

Verzhine Nikoghosyan

Nikoghosyan, Verzhine—M.A. English Composition
ESL Faculty Liaison, Writing/English Tutoring
(818) 947-2810

Kristina Yegoryan

Yegoryan, Kristina—TESL; M.A.& English Rhetoric and Composition Theory
Workshop Faculty Leader, Writing Center
(818) 947-2586

Lili Salter

Salter, Kelly "Lily"—M.A. English/Creative Writing
Instructional Assistant Language Arts, Multi-Subject Tutoring
(818) 947-2744

Shira Brill

Brill, Shira—M.S. Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Statistics 101 Faculty Liaison, General Tutoring Center
(818) 947-2744

Colette Meade

Meade, Colette—M.A. English Rhetoric and Composition Theory

English Faculty Liaison, Writing/English Tutoring 
(818) 947-2810


Nik Olshansky

Olshansky, Nick—M.S.; PhD. Mechanics
Instructional Assistant Mathematics, Math Tutoring
(818) 947-2863

Fendi He

He, Fendi—M.S. Applied Mathematics
Math Faculty Liaison, Math Tutoring
(818) 947-2863

Iveta Toneryan

Toneryan, Iveta—M.S. Applied Mathematics
Math Faculty Liaison, Math Tutoring
(818) 947-2863

Rob Leavitt

Leavitt, Robert—SSTC; B.A. Psychology
Computer Lab Assistant, Computer Commons
(818) 778-5725

**All tutoring centers and the Computer Commons require a monarch card (student I.D.) for entry. Tutoring centers require enrollment in a section of Supervised Learning Assistance, a non-graded, zero unit course that does not appear on transcripts.**

Contact Us


Email: @email
Phone: (818) 947-2922