Historical Museum Collections

General Collection & Exhibits

Photo of W.P. Whitsett

Whitsett Collection
A collection of photos and documents donated to the museum by the Whitsett Foundation. W.P. Whitsett was the Co-Founder of Van Nuys and the Metropolitan Water District Emeritus Chair.

Colleges Hallway

Historical Los Angeles Valley Star Newspaper Collection (1949-2019)
The award winning Los Angeles Valley College student newspaper going back to the beginning of the college in 1949.

First Residents of the San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley Oral History Collection (Streaming Online)
Listen to interviews of early San Fernando Valley residents conducted by Dr. Dodson, founder of LAVC Historical Museum.

Old Agriculture Tools

The Agriculture Collection
Includes tools used at the turn of 1900 in the San Fernando Valley as well as artwork from that era.

Photo of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali Collection
The Museum has a number of Lithographs and art by famous artist Salvador Dali.

Photo of Austin Conover

Austin Conover Library.
A collection of books about the San Fernando Valley can be found and viewed here.

Photo of Tom Bradley

Valley Photos donated by Mayor Tom Bradley
Former L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley donated his personal collection of photographs of the San Fernando Valley in 1988.

Picture of Ladies

The Ladies Collection
period clothing, make-up, and artwork from the 1930’s.

Other Collections


Van Nuys Women's Club
One of the first social institutions in the San Fernando Valley for "for the “promotion of mutual information of its members along social, literary, and civic lines.”

William Payden's Classic Model Cars
Donated by Joan Payden

Antique Typewriters
Donated by Marti Cooper

San Fernando Valley History Photo Collection
Digitized by CSUN University Digital Collection, Holdings of LAVC Historical Museum

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