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English Instruction

As a cohort (a small group of about 25 people), Puente students take English together for two semesters (phase one and two of the Puente program).;

These classes are taught by Prof. Susana Marcelo. Students develop their writing skills in a supportive and stimulating environment while exploring Latinx authors and writing themes that deal with issues such as immigration, social justice, and student equity.

You will be able to add these courses once you have submitted an application to join the Puente Program.

Fall 2023

English 101: M 11:35AM - 1:00PM in H113 & Online

**English 72: W 11:35AM - 12:45PM in H113 & Online

**This is a 1-unit lab course designed to help you succeed in English 101. It will require some face-to-face interaction for peer review, conferencing with the professor, etc.

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Spring 2023:

English 103 (section TBD)

"Puentifying" English Composition:

In a Puente English course, students are not limited to reading selections from the "canon" of British/American Literature, which historically has excluded POC (People of Color). Puente emphasizes Latinx and Black authors in the curriculum, in order to celebrate and amplify diverse voices. Students will write about issues related to social justice and student equity.

Examples of Puente English Texts:

Enrique's Journey Cover
Enrique's Journey& by Sonia Nazario
The Beautiful Struggle Cover
The Beautiful Struggle
Still Water Saints Cover
Still Water Saints

The Fall 2022 English 101 course will read Maus by Art Spiegelman. This is the LAVC One Book, One College text!


Maus Cover