EOPS Mutual Responsibility Agreement

EOPS Responsibilities

The mission of EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) at Los Angeles Valley College is to assist eligible students who have historically experienced economic and educational challenges. The program provides “above and beyond” service through counseling, tutoring, financial assistance, workshops and other services in order to increase access, retention and goal completion. EOPS agrees to provide some or all of the following services:

  • Academic, Career, Personal Counseling
  • Textbook Service/Voucher
  • Priority Registration
  • Child Care Related Grants
  • Tutoring/Study Skills Assistance
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Transfer and University Fee Waiver Assistance
  • Career/Employment Assistance
  • Academic Support Workshops
  • Fieldtrips

Download the Mutual Responsibility Agreement here.

EOPS Student Responsibilities

As an EOPS student, I agree to do the following in order to maintain my eligibility:

  1. Enroll and successfully complete 12 or more approved units per semester at Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).
  2. Meet with an EOPS counselor a minimum of two (2) times every semester by the deadlines.Go to Calendar/Deadlines.
  3. Complete a progress report contact every semester by the deadline. Go to Calendar/Deadlines.
  4. Enroll in classes during the EOPS priority registration period. Go to Student Information System.
  5. Enroll and complete all classes on my EOPS student educational plan (SEP). If I want to make any changes to my class schedule or educational plan, I will obtain approval from my EOPS counselor.
  6. Strive to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA every semester.
  7. If I am on academic or progress probation, I agree to meet with my counselor, as required.
  8. Utilize tutoring services if I have difficulty in my classes.
  9. Attend all workshops required by my counselor.
  10. Notify the EOPS Office if I change my phone number.
  11. If I cannot attend a counseling appointment, I will contact the EOPS Office at least 48 hours in advance. If I am more than five (5) minutes late or do not attend a counseling appointment it will be counted as a “no show.” After a “no show," I will complete a same day meeting before I can make another scheduled counseling appointment.
  12. Check the EOPS web site weekly and my LACCD e-mail account (@student.laccd.edu) several times a week. This is the only mode of EOPS communication and it is my responsibility to read all EOPS correspondence and information.
  13. After I have been in EOPS for six (6) consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring), I will no longer be eligible for EOPS.
  14. If I become inactive, I will need to reapply.

Textbook Voucher/Service

Depending on available funding, I understand that I will receive a textbook service if I complete items 1-5 above. I will be eligible for all other services.


I understand that I will be dismissed from the EOPS program under any of the following circumstances:

  1. I do not follow my Mutual Responsibility Agreement.
  2. I am on academic/progress probation and I do not meet with my counselor, as required.
  3. I provide false information to the program.

Revised June 2021


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