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Course Descriptions


CAOT 1 Computer Keyboarding I (3)

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture and laboratory, 5 hours

A beginning course for those students who wish to develop a salable skill, learn keyboarding for computer, or improve personal usage. Good techniques, speed and accuracy are emphasized while the following skills are introduced: mastery of the keyboard by touch; operation of all machine parts; formatting, the ability to set up and type personal and basic business letters and manuscripts, centered displays, and simple tables.

CAOT 2 Computer Keyboarding II (3) CSU

Prerequisite: None.
Recommended: CAOT 1 with a grade of C or better, or the equivalent.

Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 3 hours.

An intermediate course in which speed and accuracy are further developed. Various typewriting skills are applied to business letters, manuscripts, and tables of increasing difficulty.

CAOT 9 Computer Keyboarding Improvement (1) RPT1

Prerequisite: None
Laboratory, 3 hours.

Emphasizes speed and/or accuracy building. This course may be taken concurrently with CAOT 2 or 3.

CAOT 31 Business English (3)

(Same as Business 31)
Prerequisite: None.
Required for all incoming CAOT majors. Recommended for Business majors.

Lecture, 3 hours.

Thorough training in the mechanics of English: punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph writing, word usage. Effective development of English communication skills.

CAOT 32 Business Communications (3) CSU

(Same as Business 32)
Prerequisite: None.

Lecture, 3 hours.

Designed to achieve effective written communication in English for the transaction of business. Development of letter writing principles and techniques; enrichment of general vocabulary; practical application of English in business speech. Practical experience is given in writing business reports, the employment letter and resume, as well as the basic types of letters used in business: pleasant, routine, unpleasant, and persuasive.

CAOT 33 Records Management and Filing (2)

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture, 2 hours.

Basic principles and procedures of record storage, control, retrieval and management by manual, electronic, and micrographic methods. Skills developed: speed and accuracy in indexing, filing, and finding documents in such systems as alphabetic, numeric, geographic, and subject.

CAOT 37 Secretarial Accounting (3)

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture, 3 hours.

A course designed to acquaint secretarial and clerical students with the principles and practices of the bookkeeping and record keeping they are likely to be performing on the job.

CAOT 43 Office Procedures (3) RPT2

Prerequisite: CAOT 2.
Lecture, 3 hours.

Develops skills and procedures for the electronic office. Includes human relations skills, job interviewing techniques, attitude, personality, and professional ethics for success in the automated office environment. Required for CAOT AA Degree. Fulfills certificate requirements.

CAOT 47 Applied Office Practice (2) RPT3

Prerequisite: None.
Performance, 5 hours.

By working on campus five hours a week, the student gains practical experience in many areas of office work. Special attention is given to developing the personal qualities desirable in business, the ability to follow both written and oral instructions, and confidence in handling phone calls and office visitors.

CAOT 78 Microcomputer Accounting Applications for the Electronic Office (3) CSU

Prerequisite: CAOT 37 or Accounting 21.
Lecture, 2 hours, laboratory, 3 hours.

Designed for hands-on experience with using a computer application for accounting. Basic emphasis will be learning computerized accounting with special emphasis on sales and receivables, payables and purchases, general accounting and end-of-period procedures and payroll for service and merchandising businesses.

CAOT 82 Microcomputer Software Survey in the Office (3) CSU

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory 4 hours.

Introduces students to the use of the microcomputer and commercially available software used in business offices. Course provides hands-on introduction to PC-DOS, word processing, data base, spreadsheet, and file management software. Student gains basic knowledge necessary to interact with the computer. No previous operating experience required. Microsoft Office Professional will be used.

CAOT 84 Microcomputer Office Applications: Word Processing ¦ (3) CSU

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory, 4 hours.

Provides information and hands-on training on word processing software programs utilizing the microcomputer. Students will learn beginning and advanced functions and apply their skills and knowledge to a wide variety of simple and complex documents, such as letters and memoranda, columnar tables, text tables, manuscripts, and mailing list documents. Microsoft Word will be used.

CAOT 85 Microcomputer Office Applications: Spreadsheet (3) CSU

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory, 4 hours.

Office spreadsheet applications using the IBM Personal Computer and Microsoft Excel. Covers the creation, editing, formatting and printing of worksheets. Emphasis is on preparing computerized worksheets, using formulas and functions to analyze data, and simplifying office accounting procedures.

CAOT 86 Microcomputer Office Applications: Database (3) CSU

Prerequisite: Knowledge of the keyboard.
Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory, 4 hours.

Database office applications using the IBM Personal Computer and Microsoft Access. In-depth coverage of records design and file creation and maintenance, file search by various criteria, formatting and printing reports and labels.

CAOT 92 Computer Windows Applications (2) CSU

Prerequisite: None.
Recommended: CAOT 1 or Basic keyboarding with a C or better.

Lecture, 1 hour, laboratory, 2 hours.

This course trains students to use Windows as a graphical user interface and operating system. Topics covered include Working in the Windows Environment, Customizing, Managing Files and Folders, Using Accessories, Accessing Applications, and Communication Features. The course will prepare students to work efficiently in word processing and office applications programs.

CAOT 97 Introduction to the Internet for Office Administration (3)

Prerequisite: None.
Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 3 hours.

This course provides an overview of the Internet, a worldwide computer network. Students learn to use electronic mail, Telnet, Usenet, file transfer protocol, and to locate network resources using Internet services. In addition, attention is given to creating a home page on the World Wide Web.

CAOT 108 Presentation Design for the Office (2)

Prerequisite: None.
Recommended: Working knowledge of Windows (or CAOT 92); ability to keyboard (or CAOT 1).

Lecture, 1 hour; laboratory, 2 hours.

This course provides an overview of presentation design software (i.e., Microsoft Power Point or Corel Presentations). Students learn to use templates, outlines, clip art, and documents to create presentations, electronic slide shows, and Web sites.

CAOT 123 Web Applications for the Office Professional(3) RPT2

Prerequisite: CAOT 97.
Lecture, 3 hours; laboratory, 2 hours.

This course is designed to provide students who are familiar with creating Web pages with ability to add dimensions of time, sound, motion, and interactivity to Web pages via a variety of authoring tools. Through lectures and demonstrations, students learn the basics of how to create multimedia presentations on workstations and for the Word Wide Web.

CAOT 124 Introduction to Image Creation for the Office Professional (3) RPT1

Prerequisite: CAOT 97.
Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory 2 hours.

This course will cover importing, correcting, and manipulating images using Adobe Photoshop or a similar software. The course includes scanning, planning, and modifying images that can be used for a variety of business applications.

CAOT 185 Directed Study ­ Computer Applications & Office Technologies (1)
CAOT 285 Directed Study ­ Computer Applications & Office Technologies (2)
CAOT 385 Directed Study ­ Computer Applications & Office Technologies (3)

Prerequisite: Computer Applications & Office Technologies major and approved project.
Conference, 1 hour per unit.

Allows students to pursue Directed Study in Computer Applications & Office Technologies on a contract basis under the direction of a supervising instructor.
Credit Limit: A maximum of 3 units in Directed Study may be taken for credit.

CAOT 911-921-931-941 Cooperative Education ­ Computer Applications & Office Technologies (1-4)

Computer Applications & Office Technologies is approved for Cooperative Work Experience Education credit. See Cooperative Education, page , for prerequisite, course description and credit limits.