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English Speech as a Second Language (ESSL)


The Speech Communication Department has five English Speech as a Second

Language courses, plus the speech lab, to help you increase your English

speaking skills.


Here are the classes designed to improve your English:

Speech 63: Beginning Speech Skills

Speech 64: Basic Speech Skills

Speech 66: Advanced Speech Skills

Speech 111: Voice and Articulation

Speech 113: English Speech as a Second Language


The Speech lab:

The speech lab (Speech 61 and Speech 62) is designed to complement and enhance what

you learn in your ESSL classes.


In the lab you get to:

  • use computers to practice your English at your own pace and
  • practice with professors and other students in a group setting.


If you have any questions about the ESSL classes stop by Humanities 108 or

the speech lab (Campus Center basement) for more information.