Calender of Events

All LAVC World Language Prerequisite Challenges are currently taking place via Zoom.


If you have never taken Spanish classes before at LAVC or within the LACCD, and you would like to place into a Spanish 2 class or higher or would like to place into the Heritage Speaker Series (Spanish 35, 36, 37), please see dates and times below (with individual Zoom links). Contact one of the following full-time instructors for more information.

Prof. Maria Zamudio,

Spanish Prerequisite Challenge Dates: January/February 2022:

  • Wednesday, January 26 @ 9am
  • Monday, January 31 @ 6:30pm
  • Thursday, February 3 @ 9am
  • Monday, February 7 @ 7am
  • Tuesday, February 8 @ 3:30pm
  • Wednesday, February 9 @ 7am

Please use the following Zoom Meeting ID and Password, or Zoom link, for all these dates:
Meeting ID: 942 8767 1252
Passcode: 12345

Clickable Zoom link:

French, German, Italian:

For dates/times for French, German, and Italian, please contact the faculty listed to the left.


FL 105A


For Prerequisite Challenge Exam dates and times, please contact the following instructors:

French: Prof. Miyasaki

German: Prof. Fusilero

Italian: Prof. Fusilero

Spanish: Prof. Zamudio