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We are excited to be a part of your academic journey. Below, you will find information about how to access our LAVC Online Tutoring services, workshop information, as well as a campus-wide tutoring services flyer! You will also find the Calendar of Events and ARC announcements. For access to individual ARC lab webpages (Computer Commons, General Tutoring, Math Lab, and the Writing Center), scroll down to the bottom of this homepage.

How do I Get Started?

To access the ARC's online tutoring, check out the instructions and video below:

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If you need assistance with ADA accommodations for booking tutoring sessions on the Penji platform, please visit the LACCD Tutoring Accessibility help page

What Services Are Provided by the Academic Resource Center?

The Academic Resource Center provides free tutoring and academic/computer support services for a wide variety of subjects at Los Angeles Valley College. Click on the tiles below for detailed information or scroll down the page for links to specific centers! Please note that students who receive tutoring services from the ARC are enrolled in a 0 unit section of Supervised Learning Assistance (Tutor 001). This a free, zero unit course used to coordinate tutoring efforts. There is no cost, no grade, and no units associated with this. 

Overview of services and hours of operation   Study Jams, Test reviews, and workshop schedules.

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ARC Announcements

Emil Goubasarian: Change from Business to Mathematics? Future Machine Learning Engineer

Emil Goubasarian initially began as business major pursuing accounting, but had a change of heart last minute and switched majors to mathematics in order to pursue data science. He was fascinated with financial markets since his early teens which was why he chose accounting to begin with. However, he quickly came to realize that financial markets are only a small part of accounting, and that much of accounting is record keeping, which he found to be mundane. In search of something more meaningful, Emil began spending time on personal study and in the process started a fun project for educational purposes. His project was to use Excel and statistical concepts to discover if there was any correlation with stock prices and company earnings exceeding/disappointing analyst expectations.  Continue reading

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