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What are BUGs?

A BUG (or Building User Group) is a group of faculty, staff and administrators who work together with the BuildLACCD construction program team (CPT) on each of the college’s new construction or renovation projects. Under the guidance of BuildLACCD, which oversees all consultants, contractors and architects, the BUG also works with program architects to assist them with needs assessment and space utilization plans.

BUGs are part of LAVC's shared-governance system, whereby all campus constituencies are represented in major decision-making processes. A BUG is formed for each of LAVC’s new planned facilities and for structures scheduled for modernization. Each project is assigned a BUG administrator and a BUG leader to oversee progress of BUG and work with the assigned construction project manager. BUG members represent their colleagues and meet regularly to discuss and approve all aspects of a particular construction/renovation project.