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Want to know who is teaching ZTC at LAVC? Check out our Textbook Heroes, who have saved students over three million dollars!



Faculty, are you interested in teaching a ZTC course, or reducing materials costs by adopting Open Educational Resources (OER)? Learn more.



Textbook Affordability - OER & ZTC @LAVC

ZTC Degrees

It may be possible to complete your degree without buying a single textbook! Communication Studies,    Anthropology, Sociology, and History offer ZTC degree pathways. Explore LAVC's Program Mapper to see the possibilities.

Want to take classes that have FREE textbooks?*

ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) classes are easy to identify in the schedule of classes -- just look for this icon next to the course section: ztc-sis.PNG

It's also easy to limit your search for ZTC classes when you register. 


Under "class search type," make sure Zero Cost Textbook classes is selected (notice that you can also choose "Low Textbook Cost" to find course sections with texts that are $50 or less).

class search type limiter













All of your results should have the ZTC symbol below. Choose the course(s) of interest to you!


ZTC schedule icon

Search for ZTC classes and register here.

*ZTC classes typically use no-cost digital textbooks, online resources, and homework systems. Occasionally, ZTC classes may have required materials (calculators, lab supplies) that are not free.