California Dream Loan Program

California Dream Loan Program at the California State Universities (CSU's)

The California Dream Loan Program provides eligible AB540 students with the option to borrow loans to help cover the cost of attending a California State University. Students will be notified by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department in mid to late October if they are eligible to receive the loan. Receipt of funds in one year does not guarantee you will receive funds in subsequent years.

Student eligibility requirements

  • Must have an AB540 Affidavit on file with Admissions and Records
  • Must file the CA Dream Act Application (CADAA) by March 2 priority filing date
  • Must be an undergraduate
  • Must be enrolled in at least 6 units
  • Must have a financial need as demonstrated by the CADAA
  • Must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Cannot be in default on federal, state or institutional loans

For more information, visit CSU California Dream Loan Program

California Dream Loan Program at the University of California (UC's)

The California DREAM Loan Program provides eligible undocumented AB 540 undergraduates with the option to borrow loans to help cover the cost of attending UC.

Currently, undocumented students who graduate from a California high school and meet the California Dream Act requirements are eligible for state and university aid, but ineligible for federal aid (including federal loans). The DREAM loan program, funded by the state and UC, aims to close that gap and provide eligible students with the opportunity to borrow student loans to help pay for their education.

If you're an undocumented AB 540 undergraduate, here's what you need to know:

  • A loan is borrowed money (you may hear terms like "borrowing" or "taking out loans") that you have to pay back with interest.
  • Each UC campus will determine the amount a student can borrow based on available funding and number of eligible students. The maximum amount of a loan is capped at $4,000 each year, per student – but again, this is dependent on program funding.
  • You can borrow every year you're an eligible student at UC or until you receive a maximum of $20,000 in DREAM loans.

The DREAM Loan interest rate is 5.05% in 2018-19 (matches the Federal Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan). If you borrow through the DREAM loan program in 2018-19, the interest rate will not change for that loan. However, the interest rate for future loans may be different. Interest will not accrue on the loan as long as you're a student enrolled at least half time. Once you graduate (or you cease being at least a half-time student), there is a 6-month "grace period" before you have to start paying back the loan.

Undocumented AB 540 undergraduates who:

  • Have financial need
  • Are enrolled at least half time at UC

For more information, visit: University of California: California Dream Loan Program

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