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Welcome to the Valley College Connection, where John Kawai and Scott Weigand, two Valley professors, engage in a conversation about success with educators and students. Each week they’ll sit down with a different guest to find out ways each of us have had to plan, persevere, and overcome to be where we are now. The show will also highlight resources and services that are working to make a difference at Valley College. John and Scott believe that all of us and the college itself are a work in progress, and in this podcast they’ll explore on a more personal level how the community can work together to support each other as we all move forward with our goals.

The Valley College Connection is brought to you by KVCM at Los Angeles Valley College. Thank you to Jason Beaton, Professor of Media Arts and Broadcasting, for coordinating, advising, and hosting the podcast. Special thanks to the team at KVCM for engineering the recordings and all of their time and expertise, to Jonathan Saxon for his techincal assistance and expertise, and to Artur Azaryan for his amazing artwork!

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