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Store Policies and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Refund Timeline

  •     All refund or exchanges must be accompanied by the original cash receipt...NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  •     All textbook sales are final after the Friday of the first week of classes.
  •     Refunds / exchanges will be allowed during the second week of classes with a drop or withdrawal slip
  •     Due to COVID 19, Students may choose to ship books to return them. Returning shipping will be the students’ responsibility. In-person return can be granted if needed, following the College safety protocol. Please email @email to schedule an appointment for the return.
  •     After time limit specified above: 24-hour limit for incorrect or defective books or merchandise. (May exchange for correct book ONLY. NO REFUNDS)!!!
  •     Short/ late start classes: same as above.
  •     No refunds on textbooks purchased during FINALS.


  •     Books must be in the same condition as when purchased. LAVC Monarch store reserves the right to judge the condition of the returned item.
  •     New books must be free of all markings - pen, pencil or highlighting - no broken spine or creases on spine or pages.
  •     Wrapped books must remain unopened or you will be charged a $5.00 re-wrapping fee.
  •     Special order books are paid in full upon request. No refunds will be given on special order books.
  •     All packaged items such as Course Packs, Textbook Bundles, CD, access codes MUST be unopened in their original packaging for a refund.
  •     Required School supplies, supplemental books and materials may be returned for store credit/exchange only within 24 hrs. of purchase.
  •     Non-required materials such as study aids, thesaurus & dictionaries are not returnable.
  •     College catalog, spiral bound books, lab workbooks, and E- Books sales are final.
  •     No returns or exchanges on Goggles, medical or computer equipment, software, clothing or personal and sale items.

The Bookstore staff is responsible for making the determination regarding the condition of merchandise to be returned or exchanged.


Payment BY Refund By Timeline
Cash (N/A During COVID19) Cash Immediate
Credit Card Credit to Your Charged Account Store process at end of business day; Actual credit to account determined by bank.
Voucher Credit to Voucher Account Immediate

NO checks accepted.


BOOK BUYBACK: During COVID19, Buyback during is handled only virtually.

Rental Refund Deadline is September 11, 2020. Please email @email to schedule an appointment for the book return to get a refund.

Semester End Rental Book Return Deadline is December 22, 2020. Please email @email to schedule an appointment to return the book. Failure of timely return of rental book will result in late fee and replacement fee.

By submitting an order for Book Rentals, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You will return the rented textbook(s) as listed on your receipt to THE BOOKSTORE on or before THE RENTAL RETURN DUE DATE to avoid rental replacement costs and late fees.
  • You will not cancel the credit or debit card used for this transaction until all the rented textbook(s) are either returned to the Bookstore or the non-return fees are paid.
  • You are responsible for the condition of the textbook(s) rented and bear the full responsibility of returning them in resalable condition with all CD’s & components.
  • You are responsible for payment of fees and replacement costs if rented textbook(s) are lost, stolen, sold back or returned in unsalable condition including water damage. Limited highlighting and writing in the rented textbook(s) is permitted.
  • You authorize the Bookstore to charge your credit/debit card the LATE FEE & REPLACEMENT COST shown on your receipt if you fail to return your rental textbook(s) OR do not return the rental book in resalable condition.
  • You authorize the Bookstore to place a hold on your student records and future registration if you fail to return all rental textbooks by the deadline and pay all applicable LATE FEES and REPLACEMENT FEES. You understand that these holds will affect your enrollment eligibility and records at all LACCD Colleges.
  • You certify that you have read and understand all of the terms and conditions of this Textbook Rental Agreement. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in a denial of future rental privileges.
  • Violating any of the conditions of the rental program may disqualify you from participating in the rental program in the future. Determination of qualification in the rental program is solely up to the LACCD College Bookstores and participation may be revoked at any time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 818-947-2313 or via email at @email.


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